hi, i am "the schitto"


in case we haven't met yet, here is some information about me: i am a graphic designer, art director and photographer. i studied visual communication at the university of applied sciences in mannheim and i got some hands on experience in filmmaking at nyfa in new york.


i have worked as a creative director in advertising. my career started in international network agencies like saatchi & saatchi, lintas and mccann’s. twenty years ago I set up my own company in frankfurt: sswww.de - which is still up and running thanks to my partner jan schmodde.


under my responsibility, advertising campaigns for movies and art exhibitions, for candy bars and sports cars, for detergents and water filters were developed.


and from time to time i had the chance to watch real stars working their magic on camera. 


because advertising is not all there is to life, i decided to leave my agency end of 2019.


today i shoot portraits of young and old, beautiful and distinctive, popular and forgotten people. not to mention my soft spot for street photography, landscape, architecture and food.


have fun scrolling through my online portfolio... and see you soon.